A Homestuck obsessionist, who likes The Walking Dead (game), and Earthbound. I try to be funny, but sometimes (usually) my humor just doesn't. I am also an amateur artist (I rarely draw). Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/rgu2/ Skype: Randomly Generated User (Homestuck bullshit) Virgo (♍), Mage of Space, Prospit dreamer.


Anonymous asked
You're p fucking obnoxious and I wish you can just chill for once. You didn't even seem as if you even changed from last year at all.

Well it’s about damn time I got some anon hate.

*pirates photoshop*

Me: Destroy capitalism

I can’t believe pewdiepie is in As Above So Below

I can’t believe pewdiepie is in As Above So Below

ppl who just call the silent hills demo “pt”

Me : *downloads and installs 700 game demos*

Me: "Wtf where did all my hard drive space go?"

My dreams are getting to fucking real.
I had one last night where I showed somebody a tumblr post.

I’m going to get a “mark of the false shepard” tattoo from Bioshock: Infinite.
Because somewhere, there are flying armed racists out there.
And I am going to fight them.

I’m watching The Birdcage with my family. My mom is trying to defend the conservative right-winged family I am going to fucking explode.
She said that you don’t have to accept homosexual people I am going to fucking.

There’s intense rain and hail outside my house…

I have the best idea for a photoshop anyone’s ever had.
But I don’t have my computer.